Fuugul Commissions

Before thinking on buying a commission please read the TOSCommission Queue

- Clients are NOT allowed to process commissions into AI software
- My work is not to be used for profit/merchandising by the commissioner unless it has been discussed and agreed to by the artist prior to payment
- The commissioner can re-post their commission as long as they give credits for the art
- All reference material to characters, poses, etc. as well as well written information about the commission MUST be present before starting the sketching. Major changes to the sketch/artwork due to neglecting to show all necessary references will increase the final price with extra changes
- Commissions may be done within a week to a month (or more) depending on level of detail
- Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the characters and / or backgrounds
- Private Commission +$100 USD (I don't post this commissions to any of my platforms)
- PSD files of the commission have extra fee** (Clients are not allowed to erased artist signature)**

Twitch Emotes - $30usd each

Animated Twitch Emotes - $50usd+

Twitch Badges - $30usd each

Discord Stickers - $35usd to $60usd